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Young Men Under Attack

​Our young men are under daily attack by easy fixes to alleviate the stresses they feel in our high-tech, fast-paced society. 

Some boys play sports, read a book, listen to music, are in band, play video games, or hang out online with friends to relieve this stress.
These activities release dopamine, the feel-good neurotransmitter, into our brain. 
Both good and bad activities can release dopamine.  It how your brain remembers that an activities left you feeling good.  
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It's Never Enough

Have you noticed it's always a game with your son of "Just one more?"

"Please can I just have one more minute / one more mission / one more game /one more chapter / one more show."


Our young men are under daily attack by easy fixes to relieve the stresses they feel in our high-tech, fast-paced society.


The request for "Just one more" is the brain begging your son for just a little bit more Dopamine.  One last fix before bed.

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Dopamine plays a role in feeling pleasure and helps develop neuropathways.

These pathways allow us to remember that a specific activity makes us feel good. 


Dopamine is naturally released in your brain as part of your response to a pleasurable experience.

Think about that last time you were craving your favorite food. 

That first bite was incredible. You can almost taste it in your memory before your bite. 

This anticipation was from the neuropathway you developed for this food, reminding you how good it tasted.  However, by the time you take your last bite, the anticipation was gone, and it was just some food to finish.

This is driven by dopamine being released in your brain from first thought to the last bite. Leading up to consuming that yummy food, you were getting constant hits of dopamine (anticipation).  However, by that last bite, you were getting way less dopamine so the novelty of the food wore off.

Dopamine also plays a part in how couples bond since it is released in large amounts during sex.  The thing about dopamine is that you always crave more. 

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More, Better, Different.

Dopamine is often referred to as the "More, Better, Different" neurotransmitter.

Our brain is always craving that next hit to bring some relief to our stressed-out life.


In fact, the word “dope” (using substances to get high) comes from the word Dopamine.


The big downside to Dopamine is that it doesn't care where the next big hit comes from, and the pornography industry knows this. 

That first look at a seductive image as a young boy no longer gets you the same thrill as it does now as a 20-year-old man. Your sons (and men) need more and different. 


What is erotic and exciting today is boring tomorrow, but we know that the next click may bring us the thrill and dopamine hit we crave.

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It's insidious

What brought relief to a stressor last time will not be enough next time.

This leads to seeking stimulation from something different with a more substantial or longer-lasting Dopamine hit.

From a video gaming point of view, this is why your sons always want one more minute or one more mission. They are getting dopamine hits from these activities.

From a pornography point of view, that first look at a seductive image as a young boy no longer provides the same thrill as a 20-year-old man.

Its never enough.

This is where addictions are born

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