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Round Rock Ideal Teen Coaching Services

Is your son ready for life in the real world?
Urban Life

$75/ 50 min

Life and Relationship Coaching


At Round Rock Ideal Teen Life & Relationship Coaching I give my clients valuable guidance and support.

I can help them create a map to life's next steps that is uniquely their own.

Each boy is unique, and his plan will help him meet his needs.​

Pre-paid Packages with discount are available upon request.

Athlete Stretching Legs

Package Deal
$290 / Four 50 min 
Plus assessment & access to "You Science"

Educational & Professional Goal Setting


For HS Juniors, Seniors and College freshman.   After you take an online Assessment of your interested and skills, we will work through your results and help you find where you want to go next with your life.

"YouScience is used by nearly a million students in thousands of school districts to create hyper-personalized pathways. They use proprietary artificial intelligence to uncover student aptitudes, then connect these aptitudes to careers and educational pathways designed to help students find relevance in school and confidence beyond.

Smiling Teenage Boy
Eating Breafast


$75/ 50 min

Addiction Recovery Coaching


If you son has strayed into addictive tendencies around porn, drugs or alcohol. I have personal experience in this space and have led others to recovery.

Our young men are under daily attack by easy fixes to alive the stresses they feel in our high-tech, fast-paced society.

Some boys play sports, read a book, listen to music, are in band, play video games, or hang out online with friends to relieve this stress.

These activities release dopamine, the feel-good neurotransmitter, into our brain.

Both good and bad activities can release dopamine.  It how your brain remembers that an activities left you feeling good.

Pre-paid Packages with discount are available upon request.

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