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Eating Breafast


Hurts & Hang-ups

If your son is like me and most men, our hurts and hang-ups started when they were young men and teens. 

As young men, we never learned healthy ways to work through our hurts and hang-ups. So we learned to avoid or cover up or ignore our negative feelings. Stuffing those down deep inside. Then to protect ourselves we build walls or add too many controls.


I am sure you have seen your son put his "Shields" up when you breach an uncomfortable topic. It's easier to shut down than to confront the topic.

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Eating Breafast


Communcations & Relationships

The last thing your teen son wants to do is talk. I get it, no men want to talk about hurt hang-ups and feelings. It's not "Manly."

As boys we are told, to suck it up and be a man. But what does it mean to be a man?


Most men I know have three feelings, happy, sad, and mad. We never learned how to express our negative feelings. Then when we mess up we become hard-headed, angry or depressed adult males.


I can work with your son to help him find his place in this complicated world. Help him find his "Ah ha" moment and become the man he is meant to be.

Eating Breafast



Most men are hard-pressed to identify 3 or more real friends in their life.

A real friend is someone they can open up to about anything and share life's challenges.


Your son right now may have a lot of school acquaintances, but does he have any real friends whom he can share his struggles with? A real friend. 


Having a real friend means I can be vulnerable. Unfourtuanly men in our society just don't do that. We are not trained for it.


I can work with your son to help him find ways to make long-term real friends.

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